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Welcome to Grace Community Church, Fremont Michigan

Technology is a great  thing, but  not amazing like our God!  We pray that the technology that allows you to read this now, will be used for pointing you and others to the Way, the Truth and the Life, Jesus.  May this site encourage and equip you to be able to better serve our Lord.  Take a look around the site, find out what is going on, where you can minister to others and how you can be ministered to.  Keep up with the blogs and join in on the conversations.


More about Grace

Worship with us every Sunday at 10:30am at 105 West Sheridan just one block south of Main Street on the corner of Sheridan and Mechanic.  You may call 231-924-7047 and leave a message, e-mail @’, or call 231-519-1499 for more urgent calls.

Time in the Word

Navy and Rusty

Things I do not understand

Let me know if you can figure these two out! Any “dog whisperers” out there?   Dear knowledgeable ones, This morning there are some things I do not understand.  ( I realize “some” is a great understatement! ) 1.  How do my ear phones get so tangled up over night?  It is like the left […]


Walking with the Word

Can you guess whose shoes these are and who has walked the most miles?  (Both people are within a year of each other.) Dear light lovers, Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. I continue to have walking on my mind.  Someone saw me walking last […]


Pursuers of God

  She is just beginning a life of pursuit!  What all will she find?   Dear Pursuers of God, Before we go on looking at some of the attributes of God, I want to just pause and do a check on my/our goals in either writing these or reading these short inadequate messages. Do you […]

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What are we allowing in?

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Ladies Night In

Making Cheese is scheduled for June 7.  If it happens we know that the cheese will be immature!  C... Read More: Ladies Night In