Give With Eternity In View


What will I do with this?


Give with eternity in view!

I have seen parents give their children money and let them decide how to spend it, giving them options of using it up all at once and/or try to wait and save it up for a future use.  Often times it gets spent early on, not thinking of future times.  Kids aren’t the only ones that do this!

That is often seen with those that claim to be followers of Christ.  A lot of spending is done without eternity in view.  Decisions are made often times with only temporal thinking in mind.  Sure, they (I) may ask God for guidance, but have many considered what Jesus is speaking about in Luke 16:1-13?

Jesus, in the parable of the “dishonest manager” who acted shrewdly, is calling His followers to give with eternity in view.  He is calling us to work as hard as the unbelievers work in this world to gain their temporal wealth, but for His disciples they should be working and giving with eternal treasure in mind, ultimately to see others entering the Kingdom of God through faith in Jesus!

Jesus states that it is impossible to serve both God and money!  We must evaluate the choices we are making, how we are using the resources that God has given us to manage.  Are we using them for the furtherance of the Gospel, or our own purposes?  Are we focused on what is unseen, or what is seen?

Have we bought into thinking that we should buy a home that will take up 38% of our income, or are we willing to buy a home for much less, and use the amount we are saving to help spread the Gospel.  Are we using technology for our own entertainment, or to reach those who are lost without Christ?

Am I seeking to trim costs of eating, clothing, transportation, ……, and will I use the savings again for the Kingdom?  A study was done from 1968 to 1985 in 31 different protestant denominations, and only 2 percent of a 31 percent increase in disposable income was given to churches or Christian ministries. (Chicago Tribune, July 31, 1988)  Or you can look at it this way, 98 percent of the income increase went to support lifestyles of the individuals.  That is not a proper response to Jesus! 

We have been given a great privilege, opportunity, to be part of the Kingdom of God, and do Kingdom work.  Jesus stated that if we are unfaithful with unrighteous mammon (mammon can refer to money or possessions), then He will not give us true riches to manage.  What a waste of my life!  Do I want to be involved in temporary things or eternal?  Do I want to bring Glory to my Savior, or please myself?


I pray that we will take time to examine our use of resources that God has placed in our care, and that we will be in awe of His love for us, His desiring us to spend eternity with Him.  Hopefully, we see the brevity of this life, and the eternal life that is ours in Christ! 

Let us be shrewd in our dealings, not dishonest, but wise with the things of this world, being creative, being opportunistic, bold, loving, listening always to the Holy Spirit, quick to respond to His leading, seeking to see the Kingdom expand.  Let’s long to enter our Lord’s presence, hearing, “well done, good and faithful servant”, and seeing others that are there to welcome us, that were touched by God using us.

Luke 16:11 (ESV)

 If then you have not been faithful in the unrighteous wealth, who will entrust to you the true riches?


Today is a new day, His mercies are new every morning!  Praise God for his forgiveness!


Wanting to be entrusted with the true riches to His glory,