Month: September 2016

Give With Eternity In View

What will I do with this?   Give with eternity in view! I have seen parents give their children money and let them decide how to spend it, giving them options of using it up all at once and/or try

Inside is all the difference in the world!

Dear awake ones, It is hard to believe what a difference some of these beans make when you drink a cup of coffee and they get inside of you. Wearing them on the outside like this bracelet does nothing, but

Saints when we sin!

This little one is now 3 and a half years old.  She is not who she used to be in so many ways!  You won’t find her in this little chair anymore! Dear Saints, We were discussing some truths about

Things I do not understand

Let me know if you can figure these two out! Any “dog whisperers” out there?   Dear knowledgeable ones, This morning there are some things I do not understand.  ( I realize “some” is a great understatement! ) 1.  How

The Dash

  Not bad at 80 yards?  Mine was the red one!  So what if I wasn’t aiming at the head! Men, I was recently at a men’s retreat and we were challenged with the dash.  You might ask, “the 100